Acknowledgements: (This list is updated once per month)

Award by WCape Government2017 Nominee for Mountain Passes South AfricaThe project has been supported by a wide range of people since inception to varying degrees. Two of those on the long list below need special mention. These are people who have done pro-bono work for the website of exceptional quality.

The late Dr. Graham Ross who unselfishly gave us copies of all his research and spent hours checking on our technical information and spent much of his personal time mentoring us on the finer points of road engineering.

Mr. Mike Leicester has meticulously checked all our GPS co-ordinates and elevations (that's about  7000 of them!) for accuracy. He has donated his own research into passes and amalgamated his information for the betterment of this website. He has also taken on the responsibility of filming most of the passes in the northern areas - all at his own expense. Give that man a Bells!

A project of this magnitude starts to gain critical mass, when those interested begin to contribute to the general wisdom and the betterment of the project in an unselfish and giving way. We have had countless emails with pass suggestions and undiscovered roads in obscure places. Information from grandchildren of some of the original pioneers who tamed the wild mountains of South Africa had been sent to us, enabling us to weave these beautiful and factual stories into the pass pages. It is this collective information which has allowed the website to evolve into true Africana, which can be left in perpetuity for future generations of South Africans.

We thank each and every contributor, whether your name appears on the list below or not.

Andre Brummer - For technical corrections on the Swaarmoed Pass
Andre Palmer - For original photos of Sir Lowrys Pass
Andre van Dyk - Submission on the Kamiesberg Pass, N/Cape.
Andrew Jones-Phillipson - Submission and information on Kap Cutting Pass.
Andrew McKenzie - Submission and information on the George's Valley Road, Limpopo.
Anton van Tonder - Information on Ladismith, Western Cape.
Bart Nel - Information on Mariepskop Pass, Mpumalanga.
Burckhardt Krieg - Information and submission of Old Mill 4x4 route, Free State.
Cav. Andre Martinaglia - For photos and information pertaining to Italian POW's involved with the Du Toitskloof Pass
Charon Roberts (my wife) - For giving me the space and 5 years out of my life to complete this project.
Chris Boyle - For information and photos on passes in Namaqualand.
Chris Moore - Info on Roodezand Pass
Chris Smit - For invaluable information on passes in Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape.
Deon van der Westhuizen - Photos and information on several passes.
Dr. Andrew Spence - For information, photos and video material on Cecil Macks Pass.
Eugene Rossouw - Photos and information on several E/Cape passes.
Fritz Van In - For information and photos of the area around the Orrie Baragwanath Pass and Limpopo Passes.
Geoff Russell - For expert 4x4 guidance in the E/Cape and Lesotho.
Gillis van Schalkwyk - For detailed history on Van Reenens Pass.
Dr. Graham Ross - For technical and historical information on Western Cape passes and general mentoring in the field of road engineering.
Henry (Dutch) Diesveld - Shared information on Western Cape pass data.
Jacques Rentzke - For technical IT expertise, innovation and maintenance on this website.
Janine Reyneke (Tracks4Africa) - For co-operation and sharing of mapware and technical data.
Johan Buys - Video material and photos of the Wildeperdehoek & Messelpad Passes.
Johan Krog - For photos and information on Rankins and Jan Trichardt passes.
Johan Sevenster (GPS World) - For technical assistance with mapping software and GPS information.
Johan Thiart - Submission and information on the Langeni Pass in the Eastern Cape.
John Irvine - Information on Bedrogsfontein Pass
John Parkin - Information and pass submission for Bakkers Pass
Leonico Erasmus - For photos and information on the Bottelnek Pass and many other passes.
Lisa Roberts - For artwork, research, Twitter feeds and moral support.
Louis Botha Photography - For various photos of passes including Bosluiskloof.
Louis Fourie - Photos and info on the Witelskloof Pass, W/Cape.
Malcolm van Coller - For information on suburban passes in Johannesburg.
Melt de Kock - For photos and information on the Versveld Pass.
Mickey Clark - For information on the Antoniesberg pass in the E/Cape.
Mike Jones - For info and photos on the Donkerkloof Pass & Pietersfontein Pass.
Mike Leicester - For information on various passes, onroad tests of passes as well as a comprehensive spreadsheet of passes, videography, research and write-ups.
Mike Rust - Info on Witelskloof Pass nr Clanwilliam.
Nick Najbicz - Submission and information on the Kobee Pass.
Phill Moser - Information on various E/Cape passes
Pieter Du Preez - Road number map and info for Limpopo province.
Robert Randall - Submission and information on the Witsieshoek, Monantsha and Sandrivierhoogte Passes in the Free State.
Roland Bergh - Submission and location of several low key passes in the Eastern and Western Cape.
Steyn Britz- For a long list of passes in KZN with technical information.
Tony Murray - For corrections and technical assistance, maps, photos and information on some Western Cape passes
Winston le Roux - History on Combrincks Pass, Baviaanskloof.

Apologies to anyone who'se name has been omitted from this list. It is impossible to list each and every bit of information submitted, but we try to acknowledge all meaningful contributions, wherever possible. [Ed.]