Pella Pass

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The main church at Pella The main church at Pella - Photo: SA Venues

This is a rough gravel pass so typical of this part of the Northern Cape, where the road follows a dry river bed, either in it or next to it, with fairly easy gradients through a rugged landscape of blackened rocks through a true mountain desert. The road connects the little settlement of Pella with the water purification works on the banks of the Orange/Gariep River 4,2 km to the north.

The pass displays a modest altitude variance of 86m with an easy average gradient of 1:49 with the steepest parts reaching 1:12. It might have been more appropriate naming this road Pellapoort, as the geographical layout is far closer to a poort than a pass.

The biggest issues on these roads are corrugations, soft sand and punctures. We recommend a 4WD vehicle for this one with adequate ground clearance. Travelling in these parts is best done with two spare wheels, a good puncture repair kit and the knowledge to use it (and a decent GPS loaded with T4A).

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