Province: All provinces (South Africa)

We are as passionate about maps as we are about mountain passes. A good map is a thing of beauty that can transport you into the mists of time or get your sense of adventure churning. It is a place to make discoveries about deserts and seas, mountains and lakes; of roads leading into places you have not been before. A place to pore over holiday destinations or weekend camping trips. A map is your window to the world.

Cartography has been around for thousands of years. Today's state of the art high definition maps are based on satellite photography and are highly accurate. The best maps for detailed exploration are 1:50,000 scale. To cover the entire surface of South Africa, based on that scale you would need more than one thousand of them!

At Mountain Passes South Africa we have the entire volume and much of the detail in our text is derived from these high quality maps.Use our jam-packed master map to plan your journey, locate a pass or simply explore.

Due to the high volume of information, allow 4 to 12 seconds for the map to download fully (Until you can see all the red & black dots.)

1. Drag and/or zoom to locate your area of interest.
2. Hover your cursor over the relevant icon till the pass name appears. Click once to open the text balloon.
3. To go directly to a pass, simply click on the blue hyperlink in the text balloon.
4. Red markers are for gravel passes and/or jeep tracks.
5. Black markers are for tarred or concreted passes.

Conventional search options are also available via the gray SEARCH block top/right of every page. Try to only use the first part of a pass' name. If you include the word "pass" you will get a list of approximately 300 results!

You can also go to the FIND A PASS tab on the menu button and search for a pass per province - Passes are listed alphabetically.

Most importantly - Have FUN!

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