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Requirements for submitting passes, photos or videos to MPSA.

1. Suggest/Submit a pass?

  • Name of the pass?
  • Where is it? (eg. 22km NNE of Blikkiesdorp, N/Cape) and/or....
  • GPS Co-ordinates (in decimal degrees please i.e. S24.123456 E27.123456)
  • Other information? (Any useful information like date of construction, after whom was it named, who built it, nearby attractions, history, etc.)
    Email the information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2. Submit Photographs?

  • Label every photograph with an accurate description and supply the name of the photographer as well as to which pass the photo relates.
  • Don’t have your vehicle or people as subjects in the photos. We prefer clean landscape type pics.
  • You can use landscape or portrait settings.
  • Take pics in high resolution please.
  • Photos can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can use our DropBox/Cloud facility.

3. I would like to film a pass. What is the drill?

3.1. Watch a few of our videos with on-vehicle footage to get a feel for things.

  • Much of what we do requires a little common sense and an instinct for seeing artistic scenes.
  • If you have watched five or more of our videos, you will soon see what we are trying to achieve and get a feel for it.

3.2. Don’t film the entire pass. Just film in 5 or 10 second clips.

  • Filming: Most passes take around 10 minutes to drive, with some exceptions on slower drives that can take up to an hour.
  • Our goal is to edit the video down to 3 mins, so that together with the Google earth clips, no video should exceed five minutes.
  • Use the remote to switch the camera on and off and only film the interesting bits. If for example, there is a long straight climb of 1,5 km, film 5 seconds at the beginning, 5 seconds in the middle and 5 seconds near the top of that section.
  • Try to capture all the bends. If there is a hairpin, film the whole hairpin.
  • This also saves on battery life and greatly reduces the editing time for us.
  • On some of the really major passes, we sometimes produce two x 5 min videos. (Typically, ascent and descent)

3.3. When is the best time to film?

  • If the weather is sunny, the best time to film is between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • Best weather for filming is overcast conditions.
  • Rain is a no-no. If conditions are marginal (drizzle), stop frequently and wipe the lens dry.
  • We try and avoid “dashcam” type filming completely due to screen glare reflection and other issues with clarity, as well as chip marks, dead bugs and wiper marks which spoil the video quality. The quality of most Dashcam footage is not true HD and we will not be able to use it.
  • Try to not film driving into the sun. It’s not always possible as many passes twist and turn right through every angle of the compass, and we inevitably have to edit out the over-exposed bits.

4. Where should I mount the camera?

  • Mount your camera on the roof, just behind the windscreen on the centreline. Motorcyclists should mount the camera on the handlebars and not on the helmet, unless you keep your head absolutely still.
  • Set the pitch so that the bottom of the frame just clears the bonnet/bullbar etc. We want an unobstructed, clean field of view. If you have a gimbal/stabiliser, this helps a lot to create a stable video.

5. Wide angle or Narrow?

  • Set your camera to narrow field of view (and not wide angle please). Make sure you are filming in HD720 minimum.

6. How do I reduce camera shake/vibration?

  • On gravel roads, deflate your tyres as much as you can to avoid camera shake. 1,2 to 1,4 bar is the norm.
  • Reduce the number of arms on the suction cup to one (if possible). The greater the number of extensions, the more the camera will vibrate and sway. Even better is to stick one of the GoPro slide mounts directly to the roof of your car or on the very top of your windscreen, but check that the wiper does not touch it, when activated.
  • On the topic of suction cups – never use an inferior product (eg. made in China).
  • We use an original GoPro suction mount and have filmed hundreds of passes and have never lost a camera from it coming loose.

7. Filming scenery

  • Try to capture at least one wide pan of scenery (usually near the top or at a designated view site). Pan slowly please. The slower, the better.
  • Hold the camera as still as possible in the horizontal plane. This takes a little practice. Try a practice run first.
  • End your pan on the road if possible.
  • If it’s very windy, these pan shots are difficult in terms of holding the camera steady.
  • Leave your car out of the video.
  • If you have a zoom facility, use it gently. Fast zooms don’t look good on video. Slow and deliberate please. Pretend you're Attenborough!

8. Renaming film clips

  • Download your clips from your camera to your PC/laptop/Device
  • Rename your clips once you have downloaded them onto your PC. Eg. ABC Pass 001, ABC Pass 002, etc.
  • Likewise rename the pan features: ABC Pass Pano 001, etc.
  • Things can get very confusing after 2 weeks if the clips are not properly labelled. (Been there, done that!)
  • Bear in mind that if we haven’t been on the pass, we will have no way of knowing what clips belong where.
  • Accurate labelling is crucial.

9. Where do I start/stop filming?

  • It’s not always easy to know where a pass starts and stops.
  • Use your common sense. Note the GPS start and end points from this website before departure on your trip.
  • We will edit accordingly.
  • Rather record more than less.
  • We can always delete unwanted footage, but can’t do the opposite.

10. Help us with details

  • Make notes of interesting things in the area.
  • Jot down GPS co-ordinates of start, summit and end points and also note the altitudes.
  • Give your GPS 30 seconds to settle before taking altitude readings.
  • Take photos as well. Scenery, animals, buildings (churches), sign boards, people, birds, insects – anything interesting and relevant.
  • Note guest farms, B&B’s etc.

11. How do I get such big files to MPSA?

  • We have set up a cloud based Drop Box account to facilitate the submission of such big data files. Open your own Drop Box account at www.DropBox.com. It’s free and simple to set up.
  • Upload your raw video files and photos to your DropBox account.
  • Send us your account details with a link to those specific video files and we simply get them from your account. It works like a charm.

12. Credits?

  • Thank you for your interest and willingness to become part of this incredible project. We will credit you on our page dedicated for that purpose.
  • All the material submitted will be copyright protected under the MPSA brand name and will be watermarked as such.

13. How do I know which passes MPSA have not yet filmed?

  • We have created a list below of unfilmed passes. This list will be updated twice per month.
  • At this stage, all the passes in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North-West, and Gauteng have not been filmed.
  • We have only done a few KZN passes and about half the E/Cape passes.
  • Most of the Western and Northern Cape have been completed.
  • If in doubt, just drop me an email or call me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 083 658 8888

    LIST OF UNFILMED PASSES (Updated fortnightly)

    E/Cape Barkers Neck   Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Bottelnek Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Heuningneskloof Pass  Done EC
    E/Cape Benjaminshoogte Pass  Done EC
    E/Cape Kraai River Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape eRoma Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Trompetterspoort Pass  Done EC
    E/Cape Kamferspoort     EC
    E/Cape Medenpoort     EC
    E/Cape Bedrogfontein 4x4    Done EC
    E/Cape Van Stadens Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Tarka-Botha Pass     EC
    E/Cape Tarka Pass     EC
    E/Cape Swaershoek Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Suurberg Pass R335    Done EC
    E/Cape Storms River Pass     EC
    E/Cape Soutpansnek Pass R75  Done EC
    E/Cape Smuts Pass     EC
    E/Cape Satans nek    Done EC
    E/Cape Redhill Pass R352    Done EC
    E/Cape Qachas nek     EC
    E/Cape Potters Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Pot River Pass     EC
    E/Cape Penhoek Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Pefferskop Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Ouberg/Oudeberg pass  Done EC
    E/Cape Olifantskop Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Nonesi's Nek Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Nico Malan Pass R67  Done EC
    E/Cape Moordenaarsnek Pass R56  Done EC
    E/Cape Mlengana Pass     EC
    E/Cape Michells Pass, Hogsback  Done EC
    E/Cape Lundins Nek Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Kwaaimans Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Kumajaba Pass     EC
    E/Cape Killians Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Great Kei River Pass     EC
    E/Cape Jouberts Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Hogsback Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Helspoort Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Hankey Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Groot Doringhoek Pass  Done EC
    E/Cape Greylings Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Fullers Hoek Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Edoringnek Pass     EC
    E/Cape Dontsa Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape De Beers Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Daggasboersnek Pass  Done EC
    E/Cape Colona Nek Pass     EC
    E/Cape Cats Pass       EC
    E/Cape Cala Pass      Done EC
    E/Cape Bulhoek Pass     EC
    E/Cape Buffelshoek Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Buffalo Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape Bruintjieshoogte Pass   EC
    E/Cape Boesmanshoek Pass  Done EC
    E/Cape Blaauwkrantz Pass R67   EC
    E/Cape Barkly Pass    Done EC
    E/Cape All Saints Nek    Done EC
    E/Cape Witnek Pass    Done EC
    KZN Bezuidenhouts Pass     KZN
    KZN Brandons Pass     KZN
    KZN Cecil Macks Pass     KZN
    KZN Collings Pass    Done KZN
    KZN De Beers Pass    Done KZN
    KZN Endoumeni Pass    Done KZN
    KZN Griffins Hill    Done KZN
    KZN Grobbelaarskloof Pass R103  Done KZN
    KZN Havemannshoogte R68   KZN
    KZN Hela Hela pass     KZN
    KZN Ikhupe Pass    Done KZN
    KZN Knights Pass    Done KZN
    KZN Lancers Nek Pass    Done KZN
    KZN Lombardskop Nek Pass  Done KZN
    KZN Murrays Neck Pass     KZN
    KZN Rooihoogte Pass N2     KZN
    KZN Rooirantnek Pass R69   KZN
    KZN Tintwa Pass    Done KZN
    KZN Van Reenens Pass N3    Done KZN
    Mpumalanga Allemansnek Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Bakenkop Pass     MPL
    Mpumalanga Bergvliet Pass     MPL
    Mpumalanga Blouhoogte Pass     MPL
    Mpumalanga Bonnet Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Bothas Nek Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Bouldersberg Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Buffelskloof Pass     MPL
    Mpumalanga Caspers Nek     MPL
    Mpumalanga Chom se Hoogte Pass  Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Clivia Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Crossroads Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Diepgezet Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Doornhoek Pass     MPL
    Mpumalanga Elands Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Goudvelde Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Hennings Pass     MPL
    Mpumalanga Hilltop Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Kiepersol Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Klipkraal Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Koffiehoogte Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Kowyns Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Kranspoort Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Long Tom Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Mariepskop Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Masjiennek Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Mokobulaan Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Montrose Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Mount Carmel Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Mpageni Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Nelshoogte Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Patata Nek Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Pettigrews Nnek    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Robbers Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Rooiwalshoek Pass     MPL
    Mpumalanga Saddleback Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Santa Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Schoemanskloof Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Shiyalongubo Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Skaapwagters Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Skurweberg Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Sudwala Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Uitkyk Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Veraaiersnek Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Watervalsrivier Pass      Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Wilgekraal Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Witklip Pass    Done MPL
    Mpumalanga Wonderkloof Pass    Done MPL
    Limpopo Abel Erasmus Pass     LPO
    Limpopo Bakkers Pass    Done LPO
    Limpopo Chunies Poort    Done LPO
    Limpopo Georges Valley Road   LPO
    Limpopo Jacks Pass     LPO
    Limpopo Jan Trichardt Pass    Done LPO
    Limpopo Magoesbaskloof Pass   LPO
    Limpopo Masekwas Poort     LPO
    Limpopo Orrie Baragwanath Pass   LPO
    Limpopo Rankins Pass    Done LPO
    Limpopo Van Collers Pass     LPO
    Limpopo Wyllies Poort     LPO
    Gauteng Horns Nek Pass    Done  GTG
    N/Cape Amandelnek Pass    Done NC

    Baillies Pass                                Done

    N/Cape Bakenshoogte Pass     NC
    N/Cape Bastersnek Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Bergenaarspad Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Blounek Pass R63     NC
    N/Cape Burkes Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Charles Pass     NC
    N/Cape Grootvlei Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Kamieshoogte Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Kareebospoort     NC
    N/Cape Keikamspoort     NC
    N/Cape Keiskie se Poort    Done NC
    N/Cape Killians Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Langkloof Pass Nr 1    Done NC
    N/Cape Langkloof Pass nr 2 Garies  Done NC
    N/Cape Meketaanspoort Pass   NC
    N/Cape Moodenaarspoort    Done NC
    N/Cape Ottaspoort    Done NC
    N/Cape Oukloof Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Oupoort      Done NC
    N/Cape Prieskapoort    Done NC
    N/Cape Quaggasfontein Pass  Done NC
    N/Cape Renosterpoort     NC
    N/Cape Rooikloof Pass     NC
    N/Cape Rooipoort    Done NC
    N/Cape Smoushoogte Pass     NC
    N/Cape Snyderspoort    Done NC
    N/Cape Studers Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Teekloof Pass    Done NC
    N/Cape Windpoort    Done NC
    North West Maanhaarrand Pass    Done NW
    Free State Bells Pass    Done FS
    Free State Bothas Pass    Done FS
    Free State Korannaberg Pass    Done FS
    Free State Lichens Pass    Done FS
    Free State Noupoortsnek Pass    Done FS
    Free State Old Mill Drift 4x4     FS
    W/Cape Bastards Poort     WC
    W/Cape Blounek Pass R381    Done WC
    W/Cape Bontebok Pass 4x4    Done WC
    W/Cape Carstenberg Pass


     Done WC
    W/Cape De Jagers Pass    Done WC
    W/Cape Klipspringer Pass    Done WC
    W/Cape Koueveld pass    Done WC
    W/Cape Molteno Pass    Done WC
    W/Cape Oudekloof/Roodezand Historical WC
    W/Cape Rooiwalspoort    Done WC
    W/Cape Roseberg Pass    Done WC
    W/Cape Trapvoet Pass 4x4     WC
    W/Cape Turck se Pas     WC

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