This pass is located close to Rankins Pass (which is something of a misnomer as it is not a pass, but an outpost) and runs on the north/south axis via a deep kloof through the Sandriviersberge. It is a gravel road of only 3,35km and rises 132m over that distance, producing an average gradient of 1:20 with the steepest parts being at 1:7. The start of the pass crosses the Rhenosterpoort farm, which offers excellent self catering cottages in pristine bushveld settings.




Published in Limpopo

This gravel road pass should be viewed in conjunction with the Mokobulaan Pass as they follow each other from south to north towards Lydenburg. It rises 296 vertical meters over 7,62 km to summit at 1251m producing an average gradient of 1:26. There are however, some very steep sections at 1:4. The start of the pass can be located on the R593 about midway between Machadodorp and Montrose.


Published in Mpumalanga

This rough gravel road is enjoyed by mountain bikers and adventure motor cyclists, as it is quite challenging in some sections with a variety of road conditions which can vary greatly depending on the time of year. It connects the Bot River estuary farming area with the R320, as well as with the Karwyderskraal farm on the mountain plateau. It also services the farms on the eastern side near the Hemel en Aarde valley. It offers locals a distinct shortcut for those wanting to avoid the congestion on the R43 to Hermanus and Onrus.

Published in The Western Cape

The Rooiberg Pass was built in 1928 and there appears to be scant information as to who the designer was. It joins the tiny village of van Wyksdorp with Calitzdorp over the Rooiberg Mountain. This is not a pass to be trifled with and it is often only negotiable in a 4WD vehicle depending on the condition of the road. It is also a long pass at 18 km with a level section in the middle. All these considered, it is one you simply have to drive once in your life. We gave this pass a Top 40 rating. 


Published in The Western Cape

The Jan Muller Pass is not an official pass, but the bridge over the Gouritz River is named after a certain Jan Muller. For want of a better or more appropriate name, we thought Jan Muller's Pass or the Gouritz River Pass would fit fairly well. This rugged gravel road pass is fairly short at 3,63km and descends in a series of tight switchbacks from the eastern approach to cross the Gouritz River over a low level concrete bridge (which is subject to regular flooding). The western ascent is very steep with  a gradient of 1:3, but the authorities have concrete-stripped this section allowing for good traction. It makes the road driveable in a normal car.

Published in The Western Cape

This thoroughly enjoyable and fairly long pass of 19 km straddles the Vreysrant Mountains between Herbertsdale and Van Wyksdorp. The road is generally well maintained to a high  standard, despite the gravel surface. The northern section can get quite narrow at times, but should present no problems providing speed limits are adhered to. There are at least half a dozen river crossings over low level culverts, which can be dangerous if the rivers come down in flood - as was the case just one week prior to us filming. In the video clip there is ample evidence of fresh repair work and it can be seen just how high these rivers can get. Poor judgement or ego driven decisions could be fatal. If you are not prepared to walk it, then dont drive it.

Published in The Western Cape

The Komsberg Pass is located approximately 40 km to the South-West of Sutherland. It is a gravel road and gets very steep in places. It has a maximum gradient of 1:3,8 (or 14.74 degrees. In wet weather (a rare occurrence) this pass will need to be driven in a 4WD vehicle.

Published in The Northern Cape

This poort primarily serves the local farming community to the south of Calvinia in the Northern Cape's Tankwa Karoo. It is a rough gravel road that runs on the North-West/South east axis through the Keiskie Mountains. The poort is named after the mountain range through which it traverses as well as the Keiskie farm, which lies to the South east of the poort. It connects the central sheep farming town of Calvinia with Middelpos - a minute hamlet of some 6 buildings including a post office and an hotel - 60 km to the South East.

Published in The Northern Cape

Charles' Pass is a 2.8 km rough gravel pass that connects the missionary town of Pella with the Orange River a few kilometers further North. These are rough roads in a semi-desert environment and a high clearance SUV or 'bakkie' would be the better transport option in these parts. This part of the Northern Cape appears to be burned black by the sun. There is very little vegetation and for the most part it is a desert or semi-desert region. The Orange River provides a vital resource to survival with some of the finest grapes and dates coming from this area.

Published in The Northern Cape

The Bloupoort Pass lies on the east-west axis through a natural poort just beyond the Vaalpunt Mountain, some 30km due East of Sutherland in the Northern Cape. The pass is very short at only 1.16 km and presents no dangers other than the usual wet weather cautionary - but this is the Great Karoo and rains seldom fall here. The average gradient is a gentle 1:34

Published in The Northern Cape
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